Tuesday, 18 April 2017

General Election - Second Referendum

Identify the anti-Brexit candidate in your constituency and vote for them. (If there is more than one anti-Brexit candidate, identify the one with the best chance of winning and influencing their party policy)

Persuade all anti-Brexit friends to do the same. Hold your nose if you have to, and do it.

Treat this general election as a second referendum.

If you are motivated by anti-establishment sentiment, then whatever you believed that amounted to last summer, you have a second stab at it now. Clue: Johnson, Gove, Fox, May etc. _are_ the establishment (and those of them who campaigned for Brexit lied about NHS funding and much, much more)

May is being opportunistic in calling the election now, after repeatedly stating she would not do so. Moreover, recall the Fixed Term Parliament Act, designed to stop opportunistically-called snap elections..? Is this someone to trust? (Ans. NO)

May has called this election for no other reason than the lead in the opinion polls indicates to her that she is guaranteed another five years and an increased majority. HOWEVER, if we reframe this election successfully as a SECOND REFERENDUM and as a vote on whether we want a small minded racist Britain with rising inequality and a dismantled health service (now servicing the pockets of Tory cronies) or an open, progressive and increasingly egalitarian Britain with good health provision for all (serving the health of the nation) she might well turn out to have been mistaken.

Let's reframe this election to be a second referendum and not about what we feel about Corbyn, or what the media tell us about Corbyn. If we do so, then those opinion poll figures will be rendered irrelevant.

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