Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The Re-birth of a 100 Year Old Mythology

Saying and writing anything just seems so pointless right now.

We really need to take stock.

Tired old tropes need retiring. Leftist cynicism, knowingness and sarcasm in Tweets and Facebook posts just shows you've either failed to learn the lessons here or you see this as first and foremost an opportunity to engage in courtship rituals with fellow travellers.

This is so much more important than that.

The USA has a President elect who was endorsed by the Grand Wizard of the KKK, and who, de facto, accepted that endorsement; who bragged about sexually abusing women; and who is a racist and xenophobe who encouraged racist violence at his rallies

Under this President, people will suffer, often violently, because of nothing other than the colour of their skin or the nationality of their parents or grand parents. This won't necessarily depend on the policies Trump introduces. His electoral success will have already served as a validation of his attitudes for many, who will feel justified and emboldened in their own bigotry and misogyny. Children will grow up believing if it is OK for their president, then it must be OK...

The infamous racist film from 100 years ago, Birth of a Nation, was originally titled The Clansman, after the book on which it was based. We just witnessed the re-birth of this racist mythology.

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