Thursday, 10 November 2016

Parable (after Stoker)

So, you like to think of yourself as a progressive character. You notice that a range of servants, employees and one or two townsfolk are enabling the local blood-sucking undead count, from up at Castle Dracula, by shifting his coffin around during daylight hours, keeping his castle in order and directing unsuspecting travellers his way.

Do you decode this as progressive expression of class interests, a rejection of the bourgeois order, and something you need to attach yourself to: a kind of people's vampirism?


Do you focus on the fundamental immorality of vampirism, where some are treated, in a very literal and corporeal sense, as means to the ends of others' health and well being, and therefore seek to unconditionally reject, and fight, vampirism and those who enable it to flourish?


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