Thursday, 10 November 2016

Bush to Trump or How to Respond to Disappointment and Failure

Since G.W. Bush came to power in 2001 things happened from which the left, reasonably, assumed they'd benefit. 

The disasters of the illegal wars, Abu Ghraib, etc. 
(with associated anti-war movement); 

the financial crisis 
(with associated Occupy movement)

the increasing disillusionment with career politicians 
(remember the expenses scandal here in the UK, and the duck house?) 


the continuing unfolding global catastrophe that is human created climate change
(policies of economic growth based on carbon economies are clearly, and unequivocally, unsustainable)

The left naturally expected to benefit from a decade of political crises and failures, but if anything these have translated, as of now, into failings for the left while the populist right have benefited. 

I guess in the face of this one has a choice to either reckon with one's failings, regroup, learn and transform with a view to building an effective left alternative or one enters into some kind of denialism, which allows you to convince yourself, at great cost to your integrity and potentially to humanity, that the failings can be decoded as successes.

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