Thursday, 10 November 2016

Apportioning Blame

Let's say you got two TV shows. One of those shows, made and broadcast by Network A, incites racial hatred and is watched by 60% of the viewing public. The other, made and broadcast by Network B, is watched by 30% and was kinda dull, middle of the road, conservative television. (the other 10% of those with TVs were reading books, playing video games or writing shit on Facebook, I guess).

Do we really blame the writers and broadcasters of the dull show on Network B for the crimes which result from people having watched the show that incited racial hatred on Network A?

Sure, it would be better had network B put something on against Network A's show, which was both more attractive to viewers and had a more radically progressive message for those viewers. But really, you cannot blame Network B for the crimes perpetrated by Network A.


DNC shouldn't have selected HRC, but if we're ranking responsibility for the racist and sexist violence that will emerge from Trump's victory then it doesn't fall at the door of the DNC. While they take their place in the list of those bearing responsibility, they're well down that list below Trump himself, the GOP, those who voted for Trump, the people who actually go out an perpetrate the violence, a racist US media, a me first selfish culture, and so on.

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