Saturday, 2 July 2016

Stage Managing a Power Play --- Labour Managerialists fail to Manage Effectively, going forward

If you're going to stage manage a power play, you need to inform your actors, not only of their roles and lines but that they are actually actors in the play, otherwise you will find them feeling just a little pissed when they see their names in the promotional literature, billed as actors in a play for which they never auditioned, much less signed up for.

The Labour managerialists omitted to tell many Labour councillors that they had a role in this play for power. The councillors are angry

(When you follow the link above, scroll down to the section titled: "Forged Signatures", which includes a screen grab, providing evidence)

Meanwhile leading method actor Angela Eagle (recall the tears?) is now reclining in her dressing room back stage, with her bowl of red and blue M&Ms, being interviewed by Owen Jones. 
The opening night has been delayed.


This does not have to be about being a Corbynista, or even about being a Labour party supporter. It is about reasonable expectations of honesty, integrity and responsibility-to-office placed by us on our elected representatives in a time of national insecurity. This time of national insecurity is being played out now as a large increase in racist & xenophobic abuse and violence on our streets, an imminent change in Prime Minister without a general election taking place (meaning a lurch further towards the libertarian right in economic policy), unprecedented market instability, and a history-making vote having been based on lies, etc, etc, etc...  

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