Friday, 1 July 2016

Remember the tears..?

Remember Angela Eagle's tears..?

       ... They were crocodile tears, shed by a croc who was part of a planned, orchestrated, feeding frenzy. It seems their victim shook-free and lives to drink at the waterhole another day. As for the crocs, they'll be hungrier than ever now.

As the sweltering heat from the hostile media glare continues, it will lead to a need to drink sooner or later. The crocs will be waiting.

For we now know that two days before her resignation, two days before her tears on national television, and the day prior to Sunday morning’s sacking of Hilary Benn, a website was registered with the domain name: “”

Angela Eagle wasn't the person named as registering the domain name, of course. It was one Joe McCrea, who, the i news report informs us, is a PR executive who served as a special adviser in Downing Street during Tony Blair’s tenure.

Are we getting the picture now..?

(Can I also be congratulated for resisting the Eagle puns and avoiding some strained Eagle/bird of prey/croc/predator extended metaphor mash-up? Thanks)


  1. even without this was so obviously orchestrated. There's no depth these people won't stoop to, anti-semitism already been tried. Interesting to watch though !

    1. Indeed. I think the Labour left should leave the party to the managerialists (I can't use that term beginning with B and ending in ite) and help young upcoming activists, people in the mould of Mhairi Black of SNP, form new left parties, which can form coalitions with the Greens etc.
      Stop fighting over who is allowed to reanimate the Labour corpse every five years and go do something for the future.