Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Want Fiscal Responsibility & Economic Nous? You’d Vote Tory, right?

Ever wonder why Tories always default to basically barking the word ECONOMY in an election campaign?
It's 'cause we all know they manage the economy best, right?
I mean, whatever else one thinks of the Tories, one thing we’re sure we know is that they are the safest bet when it comes to the economy, right?

Self-employed? Small business owner? Then of course, you’d want to vote Conservative… we all know that’s right… don’t we?

OK, well let's see:

UK recessions since the end of the Great Depression = 6

Of those 5 (count 'em: FIVE) were under Conservative Governments.

1956 under Eden (and after 4 years of Tory rule)

1961 under MacMillan (after 9 years of Tory rule)

1973/Q1-74 under Heath (after 3 years of Tory rule)

1980/81 under Thatcher (after 1 year of Tory rule and attributed to Thatcher's Monetarism)

1990/91 under Thatcher & Major (after 11 years of Tories managing the economy.)

The 2008 recession happened on Labour's watch but
a. no one contests that it was the result of a global crisis, and
b. the Labour policies that did exacerbate the problem (such as bank deregulation) would in any case have been implemented by, and were supported by, the Tories.

So if this kind of market stuff is your thing, you know, perhaps you're a small business owner or self-employed, then please do go ahead and cast your vote based purely on your judgement about fiscal responsibility. Go ahead and vote for economic intelligence.  DON'T VOTE TORY

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